Child Welfare

Helping Children Stay Safe and Secure


Southwest Human Development offers a full continuum of services of parent education and support to both prevent child abuse and neglect and to intervene when child abuse or neglect has occurred. We believe that all children deserve a positive future and that families have the capacity to improve their parenting beliefs and behaviors to promote more positive parent-child interactions, enhance child health and development and increase family self-sufficiency.


Family Support, Parenting Education and Child Abuse Prevention Programs

Southwest Human Development offers programs that provide parenting support and education so that parents/caregivers may best give their children the care and nurturing they need to thrive. Ultimately, such support also helps to prevent child abuse. These programs include:


    • Healthy Families: An evidence-based home visitation program that supports pregnant women and families with newborns to promote child health and development, enhance parent-child relationships, improve school readiness and increase family self-sufficiency.


    • Direct Support Services: A program for families with a child (ages birth to 18) who has a behavioral health diagnosis. Provided in the family’s home, at school or at another community location, services include family support, parenting skills training, behavior coaching and social skills training.


    • New Beginnings Program: A nationally-recognized parenting program for separating and divorcing parents in which research demonstrates that parental participation in the program results in improved children’s long-term adjustment following divorce.


    • Common Sense Parenting: An evidence-based group parenting program for parents of children ages birth to 18 that emphasizes positive parent-child interactions and positive reinforcement.


Child Abuse Intervention Programs

Southwest Human Development provides an array of services designed to give children and their families or caregivers who are involved with the Department of Child Safety (DCS) the support, counseling and resources critical to the children’s well-being. Emphasis is placed on increasing the family’s protective factors to promote future safety and well-being of children. Services include the following:


    • Foster Care and Adoption: Assists families seeking to provide homes for children who have been removed from their parents due to abuse or neglect. Services include training, kinship home studies, foster care licensing, adoption certification, annual guardianship reports, and placement supervision and support.


    • Kinship Care, Adoptions and Guardianship: Kinship home studies, foster care licensing, adoptive certifications and placement supervision and support to assist families seeking to provide homes for relatives’ children who have been removed from their parents due to abuse or neglect. Many cases are through the Interstate Compact on the Placement of Children (ICPC). In addition, transitional living skills are provided through an evidence-based program for older teens.


    • In-Home Services: An array of services designed to assist families with concerns related to child abuse and neglect. The specific services include:


      • Family Preservation and Support: Short-term support and counseling to families in an effort to resolve concerns related to child abuse or neglect and safely maintain the children in their homes.


      • Family Reunification and Stabilization: Short-term, intensive family support and counseling to (1) families who have a child returning to their home after an out-of-home placement to ensure a successful reunification of the child with the family; or (2) foster/kinship families who need assistance to stabilize the placement of a child in their homes.


      • Substance-Exposed Newborn Safe Environment Program – “SENSE Program”: A comprehensive, coordinated treatment program for families with substance-exposed newborns to effectively address the needs of the baby as well as the substance abuse by the mother or parents.

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