Autism Services

A Relationship-Based Approach


If you are worried that your young child might have autism, or if you have been told that he or she does, our team can work with you and your child to get the help you need.


At the Birth to Five Center of Excellence we specialize in working with the youngest children, ages birth to 5, providing assessment, diagnosis and intervention at a time in their lives when it can make the greatest difference.


The Birth to Five Center of Excellence uses a relationship-based approach to autism that can include helping children learn how to play with friends, enjoy back-and-forth communication with others, feel calm, become more flexible in solving problems and handling new situations, and cope with their environment (including different sounds, sights, and textures). Strengthening these skills will help your child thrive at home, at school, and in the community.



Developed by the late Dr. Stanley Greenspan, DIRFloortime® is an evidence-based intervention with a developmental and relationship-based approach focused on a child’s individual needs to support development and learning. DIRFloortime® providers work together with parents and caregivers to understand and promote a child’s social-emotional, language and cognitive development. Through play-based interactions and relationships, the child develops relating, communicating and thinking skills to support their full learning potential.


One Child, One Family, One Team

The overall approach of the Birth to Five Center of Excellence is unique in that team members carry out a complete and comprehensive assessment, then work with you to decide on treatment. Team members meet regularly and collaborate to ensure that all care is coordinated and customized to the needs of your child and family. Our team of experts considers the whole child, as well as the parents’ priorities when developing a recommended plan. We realize that support for the whole family is very important, as autism can have a serious impact on family life.


Our goal is to assist you in gaining confidence in your ability to support your child and family. We are here to help maximize your child’s strengths so they have the happy, and healthy, life they deserve. For more information on what you can expect at the Birth to Five Center of Excellence, click here.


For more information, please contact our Birth to Five Center of Excellence at (602) 468-3430 or [email protected]. Our fax number is (602) 633-8198.



DIRFloortime® is a registered trademark of the Interdisciplinary Council on Development and Learning, Inc.

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