The Adapt Shop

Finding the Right Equipment to Change Lives


There’s a workshop tucked away near Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport that focuses on changing lives — identifying, modifying and building customized equipment that give children with disabilities hope and opportunity. It’s called the ADAPT Shop, one of several Easterseals disabilities services provided by Southwest Human Development. It’s a place where every project begins with an idea based on a specific need and ends with a family helped and a child’s life improved.


Families in search of answers get help from the ADAPT Shop in determining what equipment would be most helpful for their child whether custom made or commercially available. Then the program’s team of specialists work with the family and collaborate with other professionals involved in the child’s care to make that vision a reality.


The ADAPT Shop’s mission is to help young children with disabilities, ages birth to 5, develop the competence and confidence they need to become independent and active participants in their home, school and community.


Sometimes even the most simple, low-tech equipment can help a child become more functional in his or her daily activities and reach their fullest potential. That equipment might be custom seating that helps a child sit up on his or her own, a toy that’s been modified so a child can now play with it and develop new skills, or a custom scooter so they can more easily explore with their friends at home and in school.


The ADAPT Shop is meeting a need that’s simply not met in many places throughout the country. There’s a lack of specialized equipment available for younger children with disabilities, and as a result, their growth and quality of life can suffer. The ADAPT Shop’s goal is to change that and to provide children and their families with the supports needed to enjoy life and increase their capabilities.

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Meet Our Families and Children

Ezra’s mom

“The first time we put him in his ADAPT chair and he was able to lift his head up and look around, I was just overcome with joy. You always want to see the people you love do good. And when you’re a part of that, it makes it even better.”

Soliz & Camila’s mom

“The ADAPT Shop has opened up our world to possibilities that we weren’t able to see and we’ve been able to do things that we weren’t able to do before. They’re now able to sit upright and interact with others thanks to the ADAPT Shop’s support and their vision.”

Mayzie’s mom

“The people who work here work here for a reason. They absolutely care about every child and family who comes through here and they want the best for them. You can tell that. They’re willing to work with the families to try and come up with the best feedback.”

Sonya’s mom

“She just got out of a month-long stay at the hospital and now she is growing and thriving and using her happy chair and she’s actually getting to the point where she’s able to sit in the happy chair without having any support there.”

ADAPT Shop Resources

Since opening in 2011, the ADAPT Shop has served hundreds of children and their families and created thousands of custom equipment solutions that improve their participation in daily life, developmental skills and better overall health. The ADAPT Shop provides a variety of different solutions for different needs, such as seating systems, trays, easels, toy and standing bars, light tables, feeding and crawling supports, tummy wedges, and more.

Loan Closet

The ADAPT Shop offers families and professionals a loan closet to try equipment before they purchase it. This service helps to ensure equipment is the best match for the child’s specific needs. Loan closet items include adapted toys, switches, communication symbol systems and talkers, walkers, standers, gait trainers, and power mobility equipment. View available equipment

Parent Support

“Parent Power!” is a resource group for families where they can connect and share their stories and experiences, while also participating in discussions, educational workshops and other presentations. Join our Facebook community


We accept referrals to the ADAPT Shop for children ages birth to 5. Referrals can be made directly by families, direct service providers, service coordinators and other professionals. For questions, please email, call (602) 468-3430 or send a fax to (602) 633-8198.

Support the ADAPT Shop

We welcome donations from the community to help fund this important program. You can help build a piece of custom equipment for an ADAPT Shop family! Donate online or contact us by email at or phone at (602) 468-3430 for additional ways you can help.

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