Construct Professional Development Intervention™

High-Quality Teaching and Caregiver Practices

Construct is an adaptive professional development coaching model that supports teachers and caregivers through data-informed, individualized interventions aimed at moving and sustaining high-quality teacher and caregiver practices with children ages birth to 5.


The Construct model is delivered over 12 months. During the 12-month implementation period, Construct is adapted based on data-informed decisions through periodic, individual assessments. The Construct software serves to inform the coaching implementation dose, duration and the coaching strategies utilized. The Construct adaptive and evidence-based design promotes, maximizes and sustains high-quality teacher and caregiver practices for individualized success.


The Construct model begins with the Construct Professional Learning Community delivered for all project teachers and caregivers. Immediately following, teachers and caregivers begin to receive two to four coaching visits each month. Teacher and caregiver data is collected and reviewed at regular intervals and adjustments to coaching interventions are implemented.

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Program Methodology

Construct is a 12-month professional development intervention model. The Construct delivery model includes three teacher and caregiver Professional Learning Communities that are combined with on-site, monthly coaching visits aimed at targeting high-quality teacher and caregiver practices.



The Construct professional development intervention includes an annual license to Construct software. The Construct software supports real-time, data-informed professional development implementation that maximizes the delivery of on-site coaching, feedback and reflection opportunities, and teacher and caregiver practice planning.



The Construct model is built upon an evidence-based approach that includes modeling, observation, reflection and planning as core coaching practices. Each on-site coaching visit consists of the Construct model components and are implemented in an adaptive design process.




Construct coaches utilize multiple modeling strategies inside and outside of the classroom to support high-quality teacher and caregiver practices. Observations may be videotaped or in real-time with teachers and caregivers in birth to 5 early care and education settings.




Construct coaches provide feedback throughout the visit, during the implementation of a teacher and caregiver activity and/or immediately following the on-site coaching visit.




Construct coaches reflect with teachers and caregivers about their planned targeted high-quality practice. These reflective opportunities are provided with each on-site coaching visit and can be supported through videotaping.




Construct coaches jointly participate with teachers and caregivers in planning for the next on-site coaching visit. This joint planning targets high-quality practices by integrating the next planned targeted practice into the daily routine and curriculum learning experiences.


Coaching for Coaches

To be a coach is to be a change agent.



The Construct Coaching™ model supports teacher and caregiver change and the development of high-quality practices. Construct coaches receive technical assistance and professional supports to successfully facilitate and implement the Construct program.



Annual | Construct Software License

Construct coaches and participant Construct coaching sites will have access to the Construct software. The Construct software supports the implementation of high-quality teacher, caregiver and coach practices by providing a mobile platform that communicates and reports growth in professional development.



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