The first 2,000 days of a child’s life between birth and kindergarten are critical to development and their chances of lifelong health and well-being.

We are Arizona’s largest nonprofit dedicated to early childhood development serving 135,000 children and their families each year.

Our more than 900 caring and highly-qualified staff provide 40 early childhood programs and services to children, families and professionals in Arizona.

Help children in need foster a love of reading

Southwest Human Development has partnered with dozens of Valley businesses to help Grow A Reader during the month of May— and you can help too!


There is only one book per 300 children in low-income neighborhoods, yet children living in upper- and middle-income areas have 13 books each. Children without access to early literacy materials often face challenges as they enter school and prepare for their education. For families who struggle to make ends meet, purchasing new books simply does not compete with priorities like providing food, clothing and shelter.


Today, you can help us change that!


Help children in need experience your favorite childhood stories. When you purchase books from our virtual book drive, you’re planting the seed to help a child develop a lifelong love for reading. Plus, when you donate through our online shopping cart, your donation is eligible for up to an $800 Arizona Charitable Tax Credit!


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We’re here to help.

Our early childhood professionals are available to answer any questions you may have about young children ages 0-5 in the areas of child development, feeding, sleep, behavior and more.

Programs for Children & Families

Southwest Human Development offers more than 40 programs that support Arizona children and families with a special focus on ages 0-5.

Child Development and Mental Health

Supporting children’s early relationships and promoting healthy development.

Early Literacy and Head Start

Helping children enter school ready to learn through high-quality early childhood education programs.

Disabilities Services

Providing comprehensive support, evaluation and intervention that best fits each child’s unique needs.

Family Support & Child Welfare

Offering families and caregivers support, counseling and resources critical to a child’s well-being.

The Martinez-Aguirre Family

“I see a difference between them and others not in the program. They’re learning basic skills like being the line leader or the door holder. Other kids don’t know their letters and numbers.”

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Early Childhood Professional Development Opportunities

We offer a variety of nationally-recognized professional development opportunities for people who work with young children including Quality First Coaching and Assessment, Smart Support Mental Health Consultation, Birth to Five Helpline for Professionals, Language and Learning Initiatives, and Early Care and Education Inclusion.

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Helping Arizona Children & Famillies

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