About Us


Our Mission

Southwest Human Development strengthens the foundation Arizona’s children need for a great start in life.


Our Vision

A positive future for every child.


Our Values

Our core values embody Southwest Human Development’s commitment to services that uplift the lives of children, families and other care providers, and the communities in which they live. These values are intended to guide the professional development, ethical conduct and skilled practice of all of our staff, whatever their specific role within the agency. All staff are valued as making essential contributions to strengthening the foundation that Arizona’s children need for a great start in life.


    • High Quality and Ethical Services
    • Learning as a Lifelong Process
    • Promoting Social Justice, Equity and Inclusion
    • Working in Partnership with Families, Caregivers and Community Providers
    • Reflective Practice in Support of Relationship-Based Work
    • Innovative Responsiveness to Community Needs
    • Responsible Stewardship


Our Work

The first five years of life are the most critical in a child’s development. At Southwest Human Development, our services improve lives and help families by supporting young children and their caregivers during this important time.


In partnership with families, we provide children with the care, attention and support needed to set them on a path to success in school and life, and help them reach their fullest capabilities.


We are Arizona’s largest nonprofit organization dedicated to early childhood development and our 900 staff members provide 40 programs and services to 140,000 children, families and professionals each year in the areas of:








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Southwest Human Development is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization (Federal Tax ID #86-0407179) and a qualifying nonprofit organization for the Arizona Charitable Tax Credit (QCO Code 20390)

Helping Arizona Children & Families

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