Healthy Families

Great childhoods begin at home


Healthy Families is a free and voluntary program that can help pregnant moms, expectant families and parents of newborns meet the challenges of parenting. Healthy Families is part of a national initiative to assist those who are facing the greatest challenges help their children have a happy, healthy start in life.

Helping new parents right from the start

Healthy Families works with you and your family from pregnancy through the crucial first five years of your child’s life. A family support specialist will meet with you in your home and provide you with the support and information to become the best parent you can be!


Here are some of the ways we can help:

    • Provide prenatal education for a healthy pregnancy
    • Provide fun, creative, hands-on activities to help you learn about your child’s development
    • Help you to locate and utilize community resources that can assist you in reaching goals like continuing or finishing school, or obtaining a job
    • Provide assistance with problems that can make parenting stressful
    • Provide support individualized to meet your families needs
    • Help you be curious about the unique needs of your baby and assist you with meeting those needs as your baby discovers the world


Who can be a part of the Healthy Families program?

    • Families who are expecting a new baby, or have a newborn under 90 days of age
    • No income restrictions


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For more information, please call or text our Healthy Families team at (602) 427-4725 or email


Major funding for Healthy Families Maricopa County is provided through grants from the Arizona Department of Child Safety, First Things First and other community supporters. Healthy Families is funded in part by the Bureau of Women’s and Children’s Health, as made available through the Arizona Department of Health Services through the ACA Maternal, Infant and Early Childhood Home Visiting Program Grant.




First Things First (FTF) is approved by Arizona voters, and works to ensure that our youngest children have access to quality early childhood experiences so they will start school healthy and ready to succeed. Across the state, FTF regional partnership councils – in collaboration with local leaders – identify the education and health needs of children from birth through age five in their communities and fund strategies to address those needs.

Helping Arizona Children & Families

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