Reading Buddies

 A volunteer opportunity supporting early literacy

Reading Buddies are stuffed animals that help children practice reading in a nonjudgmental environment. Our goal in making and distributing Reading Buddies is to encourage children 0-5 years old to grow a love of reading. Depending on the age of the child, children can “read” to their Buddy, or cuddle their Buddy while a caregiver reads to them!
Reading Buddies help encourage children to read by simply being present as a listening ear or by serving as a routine reminder: “Go get your Buddy, it’s time to read!” Buddies love to listen to stories and cuddle with a book! Reading Buddies are also a great way for children to work on their self-regulation skills as reading to or holding a Buddy during story time is a great way to calm down or relax. Reading Buddies each come with their own “house” and a passport in which there will be a first message to the child encouraging them to not only read to their Buddy, but also to use their imagination to draw or write about their adventures and books they’ve read. Each child who receives a Reading Buddy will also receive a new high-quality children’s book.
We offer Reading Buddies building activities to your team or your corporate clients as a team-building benefit. For a donation, each volunteer will receive supplies to:
  • Stuff an animal
  • Create a “birth certificate”
  • Decorate the “travel case”
  • Write a letter from the animal to the child
Buy Your Reading Buddie Kits Today! Contact to customize your Reading Buddies volunteer experience! We offer individual and group opportunities, as well as contact-free and socially-distanced options!

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