Family Connections


Family Connections (FC) is a trauma-informed and empowering service, provided to families in the context of their own communities and cultures. Family Connections provides change-focused interventions to achieve core outcomes of improved social support, family functioning, family resources, child well-being, parenting attitudes and behaviors, and management of parenting stress. FC is grounded in the following practice principles:


  • Community outreach
  • Family assessment and tailored interventions
  • Developing a helping alliance and partnership with the family
  • Empowerment
  • Emphasizing strengths
  • Cultural competence
  • Developmental appropriateness
  • Outcome-driven service plans
  • Positive attitudes and qualities of helpers


What Does Family Connections Services Include?

  • Home visits and family assessments
  • Development of a family support plan
  • Change-focused interventions
  • Parenting education and support


Ongoing Support

Throughout the program, the FCC collaborates with the DCS Specialist to ensure services align with the family’s needs. Every 90 days, an Evaluation of Change (EOC) meeting is held to assess progress and adjust plans as needed. By offering these comprehensive, supportive services, Southwest Human Development aims to empower families, ensuring children grow up in safe, nurturing environments.




All referrals must come from the Arizona Department of Child Safety


Families are referred to Family Connections by the DCS when certain criteria are met. A Family Connections Consultant (FCC) will reach out within one business day of referral and conduct an in-home visit within three business days to discuss the program and next steps.


Service Levels

Level One: Weekly in-person meetings for a minimum of one hour over 150 days.

Level Two: Twice-weekly in-person meetings for a minimum of one hour over 150 days.


Areas Served

Maricopa County




For more information on the Family Connections program at SWHD, please contact Amber Couvdos at (602) 526-6779 or [email protected]

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