Valley Parents Advocate for Children’s Initiatives

Strolling Thunder is a baby advocacy campaign that aims to raise awareness and promote policies supporting young children’s healthy development. This national campaign is spearheaded by Zero to Three, a nonprofit organization dedicated to ensuring that all infants and toddlers have a strong start in life.

Strolling Thunder has gained momentum in Phoenix through its partnership with Southwest Human Development, Arizona’s largest non-profit dedicated to early childhood development. The organization brings together parents, caregivers, and early childhood educators to advocate for policies that will benefit Arizona’s youngest citizens. Strolling Thunder Arizona aims to bring parents and their babies/toddlers, ages 0-3, to share their story of raising a young child in Arizona and specifically in the district of the policymaker that represents them.

On February 16, 2023 a group of Strolling Thunder Phoenix members met with legislators is to discuss policies that support access to high-quality early childhood education. That included advocating for increased funding for programs like Head Start, which provides low-income families with access to early learning opportunities. Additionally, the group focused on policies that support family leave, so parents can take time off work to care for their new babies without sacrificing their economic security.

Another important focus of Strolling Thunder in Phoenix was on the need for quality healthcare for young children. That included advocating for policies that expand access to healthcare and policies that promote early identification and intervention for developmental delays and disabilities. By ensuring that young children receive the care they need, Strolling Thunder hopes to improve outcomes and set them up for success in the years to come.

One of the most powerful aspects of Strolling Thunder is the way it brings together parents, caregivers, and early childhood educators to advocate for change. By working together, these groups can amplify their voices and make a real impact on policy decisions. Strolling Thunder events in Phoenix provide a space for these groups to come together, share their stories, and connect with one another.

“The Strolling Thunder campaign has already made significant progress in Phoenix, but much work still needs to be done. By continuing to advocate for policies that support the healthy development of young children, Strolling Thunder can make a real difference in the lives of Arizona’s families,” said Jake Adams, Chief Development Officer at Southwest Human Development.

With the support of parents, caregivers, and early childhood educators, Strolling Thunder can continue to impact policy decisions and improve outcomes for Arizona’s youngest citizens.