Parents guide to preventing allergy triggers

Allergy season seems to be in full swing for Valley residents. Adults and children alike are packing extra tissues and hand sanitizer to battle sniffles, watery eyes, sneezing and coughing.

Plant outsideYoung children who already have allergies, or are at risk of developing them, are significantly more prone to allergy triggers. While external allergy conditions are out of parent’s control, there are many steps parents can take to protect young children from allergy triggers at home.

Parents can prevent pollen and mold spores from entering the home by resisting temptation to leave doors and windows open at night. Following the end of Arizona monsoon season, atmospheric mold spores reach their highest levels. When mold spore and pollen levels are high, parents can work within the home to make conditions more comfortable for young children who are susceptible to allergies.

Knowing which tools help prevent allergies can also make a difference in the home. Many parents turn to dehumidifiers to ease children’s allergy symptoms. While dehumidifiers do not kill mold spores, they can help to prevent the spread of mold. An air purifier can make a significant difference on the quality of air in your home. If your child has severe allergies, consider a designated air purifier or humidifier for his or her room.

Make sure to keep home spaces clean and tidy. Taking the time to clean walls, floors and furniture regularly will assist in to reducing allergy triggers of many types. Households that have pets should clean more often to reduce pet dander and other irritants.

During allergy season, ask children to play indoors during particularly windy days. Windy days rapidly spread debris and are known to spike allergy symptoms in young children and adults.

Switching to hypoallergenic products may also help to improve your child’s allergy symptoms. Products marked hypoallergenic claim to be less likely to cause an allergic reaction than competitors. While it’s not guaranteed that hypoallergenic products will prevent allergies, they are allergy tested and less likely to cause a reaction. Hypoallergenic brands may be worth the investment when it comes to detergents, cleaning solutions, baby powders and bath products.

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