Five tips for successful Walk With Me fundraising

Walk With Me is just a month away and participants are continuing to help raise money to support Arizona’s youngest children with disabilities. Step into Walk With Me fundraising with your best foot forward by adding a list of simple tips and tricks to your fundraising playbooks:

Set a goal

Setting a goal is an important aspect of fundraising because it gives fundraisers a clear benchmark to aim for. While fundraising without a goal can be done, it may not provide the extra push of motivation to be effective in the long run. During fundraising lulls, an “eyes on the prize” attitude can make all the difference when it comes to motivation.

When setting your goal, be sure to aim high while also being sure to set a realistic number. Think about the resources you will be working with, the people you know and how much time you’re willing to commit to your goals.

Pro tip: Create a timeline of benchmarks, or mini-goals, to strive for to help stay on track during your fundraising campaign.

Create a list of people you know

After setting a goal, create categories of people in your sphere of influence who may be able to help you achieve your goals. For simplicity, begin in your immediate circle: family, friends, colleagues and neighbors are a great start.

While creating a list, keep track of contact information in a Microsoft Excel sheet or in a notebook. Take a step further by creating a column in your list for “last contacted” to keep track of your asks and conversations. A great tactic for those who don’t feel comfortable asking for financial donation is to consider asking a close friend to tell three people they know about your cause and fundraising mission.

Make an authentic connection

Whether communicating online, on the phone or face-to-face, authenticity always matters. While sharing your cause, be sure to make a genuine connection by also sharing your personal reason for striving to make an impact.

Tactics like sending generic mass emails are typically not successful. Make your connection personal. Asking during a face-to-face conversation is a great way to encourage an on-the-spot donation. Phone calls are also great, especially when you follow up to check-in or say thank you. Take advantage of social opportunities like barbecues or at your child’s Little League game.

Take advantage of fundraising tools

Online fundraising tools are simple, innovative ways for fundraisers to amp up their fundraising momentum. Use online media to craft your personal touch and further spread the word. Let people know why you are personally inspired and motivated to support the cause. Online media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are great tools for making an ask of the people you know. When posting on online media, don’t forget to include a link to your Walk With Me fundraising page.

Walk With Me fundraisers are encouraged to take advantage of their Kintera page, an online tool that allows customization, and serves as a hub for donating. Fundraisers who create a page can share information about the cause, a personal story or a Walk With Me ambassador story to help educate and motivate their community to get involved.

Those who opt not to participate in online platforms can use a pinch of creativity to achieve their fundraising goals by hosting a bake sale, garage sale and more.

Write thank you notes

In a world of thriving technology, writing thank-you cards has become a lost art, but continues to take the lead as one of the most effective methods of showing gratitude. Always take a moment to say thank you to those who make a contribution to your fundraising goal and support your efforts. Not only do handwritten thank-you notes demonstrate sincere appreciation, but they also can potentially create a repeat donor to causes important to you. Five minutes of time can make a lasting impression.

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