Bring the Holidays to a Child in Need

Gingerbread Kids need you! This year, more than 1,000 kids in need have been identified by our program staff for our holiday giving campaign. Many generous corporate and community partners are providing gifts for children and families in need. We’ve been able to line up donors for 800 kids so far. With your help, we’ll be able to make sure all Southwest Human Development kids get to experience holiday magic. Gifts will support multiple programs, including our Birth to Five Center of Excellence, Healthy Families, Head Start, Smooth Way Home, Kinship Care, and more. Most of the children identified would not receive holiday gifts were it not for this program.

Tabitha, a 14-year-old in our foster care program, is one of those children. Tabitha was removed from an adoptive placement after suffering abuse in the home, and she was recently placed in a group facility. The family support specialist (FSS) who visits Tabitha to ensure her health and safety needs are being met, shared that Tabitha has self-harming behaviors and mental health issues due to her history of trauma. According to the FSS, despite her history, “Tabitha is the sweetest… very friendly and always has something to talk about.” Her wish list includes makeup and hair accessories, as well as gift cards. Children in group homes can sometimes be overlooked when it comes to the holidays, but our staff is working to ensure that all the kids in our programs can feel the warmth and kindness of the community this December.

Can you help us spread holiday magic to Tabitha and other kids like her? Sign up here to sponsor a child or to donate online to our holiday gift drive.