4 things to know about showing your support this Arizona Gives Day

Southwest Human Development is a participating nonprofit of Arizona Gives Day, an annual statewide online giving campaign that aims to raise awareness of local causes. The campaign helps to harness the power of collective giving and encourage the community to donate funds to local nonprofits that play a critical role in the community.

Arizona Gives Day GraphicSo far today, the Arizona Gives Day initiative has helped to raise more than $10.1 million for nonprofits statewide since 2013. Community members are encouraged to collectively donate online on Tuesday, April 3,2018 to encourage philanthropy and help make a big impact.

Being a philanthropist means more than donating money

While financial contributions make a major impact in the community, advocates can also help nonprofits like Southwest Human Development reach their goals in other simple and effective ways. Philanthropists are encouraged to be advocates by promoting donations using urgency in their own networks.

Encouraging individuals to get involved by sharing personal stories will help encourage others to take action. Stories can be shared throughout personal networks face-to-face and on platforms like Facebook, Instagram and more.

Everyone is invited to join the conversation

Whether sharing an online media post or an original short story about to encourage Arizona Gives Day participation, be sure to use the official hashtag #AZGivesDay. Using the #AZGivesDay hashtag will help others more easily find discussions in the community about activism and philanthropy.

Online media is a powerful tool. Spreading the word about the work of nonprofits like Southwest Human Development will help to inform your friends and family about causes they may not have previously been knowledgeable on.

Pro Tip: Post an image with your post to help generate engagement and interest in your story.

Supporting your favorite nonprofit is a business investment

Local nonprofits play a critical role in the community. From the results of their programs and services down to their business-like role in economics, nonprofits are essential.

When local businesses make a commitment to donate, big change happens both on the nonprofit end and internally at the donating organization. Corporate donation encourages a boost in employee morale and curates a year round philanthropic mindset.

Your donation is eligible for the Arizona Charitable Tax Credit

The State of Arizona offers an income tax credit to people who support qualifying charitable organizations. This credit allows donors like you to receive a dollar-for-dollar state tax credit for making a financial contribution to Southwest Human Development. Taxpayers filing as “Single” or “Head of Household” may claim up to a $400 tax credit, while taxpayers filing as “Married/Filing Joint” may claim up to $800 annually.

It’s easy to take advantage of the Arizona Charitable Tax Credit, plus it can be claimed in addition to any public or private school tax credits you may be claiming.

Help to support Southwest Human Development this #AZGivesDay by donating at swhd.org/givesday!