Summer plans? There’s something fun out there for every family

Kids love the freedom of summer break — no school, no homework, more playtime! But all that energy coming back home can be stressful for parents.

Don’t worry — there are plenty of fun, engaging activities you can do with your children this summer! Here are some of our favorites:

Go somewhere new

Whether it’s a trip to the farmer’s market, public pool or new park, adventure allows your child to see and learn something new! By trying new activities, your child will create meaningful memories and maybe even find a new passion.


Reading together as a family is essential for developing children’s literacy and language skills. For young children, reading sets the foundation for a love of learning and helps prepare them for kindergarten. Reading also helps prevent the “summer slide” that comes with months of no academic work. Encourage your children to read by reading a book together, planning daily family reading times, finding activities at your local library or discussing your family’s favorite books or stories.

Visit a museum

Many science museums, art museums and natural history museums have hands-on activities specifically made for kids! If you live in the Phoenix area, check out the Children’s Museum of Phoenix, Phoenix Art Museum, Arizona Science Center or Arizona Museum of Natural History.

Make a science project

Foster your little one’s creativity (and maybe kick-start their career in STEM) by making a science project with them! Whether you’re making frozen slime, a balloon rocket, a lava lamp or a simple string phone, kids will love getting to create and use something exciting!

Plan a treasure hunt

A treasure hunt is a creative way to get your child to use their detective skills. Your house, backyard or nearby park (under your supervision) make great places to have the treasure hunt. Stash clues in their favorite cereal boxes, under park slides — use your imagination! And of course, don’t forget the treasure!