Maggie’s Story

When Maggie was born, her parents quickly realized that she had physical challenges, such as difficulty feeding and vision impairment, but the cause was unknown. Without a diagnosis, her parents went in search of help. They soon discovered the Children’s Developmental Center at Southwest Human Development where a team of pediatric specialists completed a full assessment of Maggie’s needs. Shortly thereafter, a physical and occupational therapist were assigned to work with Maggie on a weekly basis.
Eventually, Maggie was diagnosed with a chromosome disorder called Mosaic Trisomy 8, better known as T8M. This rare disorder affects Maggie’s physical development, which makes tasks such as walking and eating difficult, as well as causing heart complications.

Maggie hasn’t allowed any of this to slow her down, she loves to dance and listen to music. She recently underwent three major surgeries to help her become stronger and after being in wheelchairs and walkers, she can now walk independently. And, after two years of using a feeding tube, Maggie can now eat on her own.
“She is a wonder to the many specialists and doctors she sees,” said Maggie’s mom.  “She has a contagious smile and everyone that has the opportunity to meet her is blessed.”

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