Oprah highlights childhood trauma in ’60 Minutes’ special report

Updated 3/12/2018: Watch the full “60 Minutes” segment here (13:39 mins)

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Oprah Winfrey and Belinda Pittman-McGee of the Nia Imani Family Center in Milwaukee. Courtesy CBSNews/60 MINUTES.

Childhood trauma is a cornerstone of the work we do with young children and their families at Southwest Human Development. Adverse childhood experiences impact children at even the youngest of ages and can have lasting, long-term effects for the children who experience them.

In a special report of “60 Minutes” on CBS this Sunday, Oprah Winfrey will explore how childhood trauma impacts people’s lives. Traveling to her hometown of Milwaukee where she experienced her own childhood trauma, Winfrey speaks with Dr. Bruce Perry, a psychiatrist and neuroscientist, and visits two organizations—SaintA and the Nia Imani Family Center—that are implementing a “trauma-informed care” approach, an approach also used here in Phoenix by Southwest Human Development.

As reported by CBS News, “Winfrey said she believes the conversation could be a ‘game changer.'”

“This story is so important to me and I believe to our culture that if I could dance on the tabletops right now to get people to pay attention to it, I would. It is definitively changed the way I see people in the world, and it has definitively changed the way I will now be operating my school in South Africa and going forward any philanthropic efforts that I’m engaged in,” she said Tuesday on “CBS This Morning.”

“See, we go through life and we see kids who are misbehaving. ‘You juvenile delinquents,’ we label them. And really the question that we should be asking is not ‘what’s wrong with that child’ but ‘what happened to that child?’ And then having the resources to be able to address what happened to you. The most important question you can ask of anybody which is what I now say even for the Parkland [school] shooting – instead of what’s the matter with that kid, I say what happened to that child?”

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