First Things First Parent Kit goes digital

There comes an inevitable moment when new parents embrace their first bundle of joy, smile with pride, and stop to ask themselves: What’s next?

That’s when First Things First steps in to provide information to new parents before they even leave the hospital.

First Things First, a state organization dedicated to supporting the healthy development of Arizona children ages birth through 5, offers a Parent Kit that gives parents easy access to information spanning from how to have healthy pregnancy to successfully raising a child in preschool. Now, the same information that has made a difference in many new parents’ lives is available online to give parents the 24/7 access they need to support their child’s healthy development.

The kit’s five core areas provide guidance on each of stage of childhood development:

Becoming a Parent
The road to parenthood is thrilling, exciting and nerve wracking. Care and attention given to a child during the first months lay the groundwork for a healthy start in life. It’s important for new parents to be well-versed in steps to a healthy pregnancy, preparing for birth and how to adjust to your new baby at home.

Your Infant
A baby’s needs are ever-changing in the first year of life. This first year calls for extra support to ensure your baby’s needs are being met. With the help of the Parent Kit, new parents can relax knowing that detailed information on breastfeeding, infant safety, starting solid food, child care and more, is just a few clicks away.

Your Toddler
Raising a toddler presents a new set of rewards and challenges. As parents navigate the unfamiliar waters of new feeding tactics, safety precautions, avenues of child care, and learning to use the toilet, they can rest assured they will have the Parent Kit to turn to. Children in the toddler age range are often more active and talk more. Knowing how to help your young child develop to their full potential is key.

Your Preschooler
Raising a child between the ages of 3 and 5 will keep any parent on their toes. Guiding preschoolers into a state of school readiness by teaching behavioral expectations is simplified when divided into easy-to-understand components that the Parent Kit offers. Parents are able to gain an understanding of potential special needs, and how to help their child prepare for beginning preschool and kindergarten.

Your Family’s Well-Being
Maintaining a healthy family is like keeping a machine running properly, everything must be connected in order to run smoothly. Paying for health care goes hand-in-hand with choosing a doctor, scheduling check-ups, monitoring emotional and oral health and more. Every parent should have the tools to keep their family’s well-being in tact.

Information in the First Things First Parenting Kit was developed in partnership with Health Research for Action/UC Berkeley and The Regents of the University of California. The kit is a valuable resource available online for parents and caregivers any time, any place.

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