Conquering your parenting goals in 2018

It’s a new year and what better time to establish a plan for conquering your 2018 parenting goals? Some parents find themselves with the desire to add to their parenting playbook, but may be unsure of where to start. There are a number of simple, impactful ways to make positive strides in your child’s life this New Year.

Help children to be thankful

Instilling an appreciative attitude in young children from an early age has many benefits. When children practice gratitude and appreciation, they are more likely to build a lifelong foundation for a greater chance of happiness throughout life. Studies show that increased gratitude can result in positive self-esteem, healthier relationships, psychological health, enhanced empathy and more.

Teach children about culture and diversity

Educating young children about cultural tradition and diversity helps children build a positive sense of self-esteem. Children who grow up celebrating a variety of cultures tend to be more accepting of others while progressing through adolescence and adulthood. Parents and caregivers can give children a glimpse into their own history to teach more about family culture. The world is a melting pot of personality, culture and languages. Exploring diversity with young children helps build an accepting perspective on the world and tradition.

Make family-fun day count

The perfect recipe for family fun day isn’t complete without the perfect activity together. While staying home for a day of family-time is intimate and special, sometimes it’s exciting to mix it up and visit new attractions to recharge, refresh and have fun. Arizona offers a number of affordable, fun and educational attractions for families to explore. Whether your children want to visit “Nemo” at an aquarium, or enjoy a day of sunshine at the park, the perfect destination awaits.

Learn a new language with your child

Most adults agree that learning a new language can be challenging, and occasionally a bit frustrating. Because children’s brains develop so rapidly from age birth to 5, children who learn multiple languages at a young age typically have less difficulty and a greater language retention rate. Teaching children to be literate in multiple languages can result in many lifelong benefits.

Pack healthier school lunches

Everyday lunches can have a major impact in your child’s life. From health to happiness, there are endless benefits for children who enjoy a healthy and nutritious lunchtime. Help your child get the most out of their lunchtime each and every day. With a pinch knowledge and a couple of extra preparation minutes, it’s simple for parents to take lunchtime to the next level.

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