Meet Jaxson, a resilient 2-year-old with a fabulous smile!


From birth, Jaxson has experienced numerous evaluations, procedures and support to reach his developmental goals. His family was initially referred to Southwest Human Development to support his mobility needs.

Jaxson was born with Spina bifida and is not able to walk. While he was able to crawl, his family knew there had to be a better solution. The team at the ADAPT Shop was able to explore various wheelchairs and adapted equipment to help Jaxson be more independent! In addition, the team fabricated a custom seat to help provide the “just right” support for feeding and fine motor tasks.

Jaxson’s mother was concerned about his choking, vomiting and slow weight gain. The family was connected to the Feeding Therapy and Nutrition experts at Southwest Human Development. Through his weekly feeding sessions, Jaxson has progressed with his self-feeding skills, sensory aversion and oral motor skills. He can now suck from a straw and puree pouch. He is also working on drinking from a small open cup.


Despite a significant sensory aversion to certain flavors and textures, Jaxson is now interested in tasting foods like chunky mashed banana and strawberry. He will also touch more foods and most recently started to take bites of Gerber Star Puffs! He chewed and swallowed the crunchy texture safely and efficiently.


Jaxson’s family has faithfully followed the guidance and strategies his care team provides and despite a rigorous schedule of appointments and therapies, they are seeing progress. When asked how life has changed since Jaxson began his feeding services this past year, his mother Amanda can’t help but be excited that he can now self-feed and is gaining weight.


Just like any other two-year-old, Jaxson loves to spend time with his dog, Barney, explore outside or visit with Grandma. And if he gets upset, he only needs to hear the music of Moana to calm down.