ADAPT Shop launches new video, webpage

After countless physician visits and sessions of trial and error, the young children with disabilities who arrive at the ADAPT Shop are often in need of special, customized equipment to meet their needs.

As the number of children whose lives have been changed by the ADAPT Shop grows, so does the hope of families around the country searching for answers, which is why Southwest Human Development recently revamped the ADAPT Shop webpage to give caregivers and professionals the perspective they need when seeking help for kids with disabilities.

The new webpage is geared to not only showcase success stories, but also to provide hope to each and every parent in search of answers. Families of children with disabilities travel from near and far to receive individualized evaluations and custom-made equipment from top professionals in the assistive technology community.

The page also features a new ADAPT Shop video telling stories of how finding the right equipment makes all the difference in the world to the children and families who walk through the ADAPT Shop door. Many families contribute their personal stories, sharing how fighting through the turbulence of medical challenges is well worth the dedication to make life-changing differences.

Visit the all-new ADAPT Shop webpage to learn more!