Little Free Library™

Be a part of this exciting volunteer and partnership opportunity

Looking for a volunteer experience that will make a lasting impact on your community? The Little Free Library team building experience will give you the opportunity to form lasting bonds with colleagues, family or friends, while increasing access to books in a community of need.

Here’s how it works…

Step 1: Creating Your Little Free Library

Each Little Free Library kit comes to you as a stack of wood with an “easier than IKEA” assembly process. Your team gets to choose your colors, design and décor. Each kit will keep 6-12 people busy for 2-3 hours depending on the complexity of your design. You can build your Little Free Library at your office or we can help arrange an off-site location with you. Have a big team? We can combine your Little Free Library build with a variety of other volunteer opportunities to keep your entire team engaged!

Step 2: Installing Your Library

When the library is complete, Southwest Human Development will pick it up and place it in the community. You can choose the location and we can also help organize an installation and unveiling event with your team.

Step 3: Stocking Your Library with Children’s Books

Many of our community partners hold a children’s book drive as part of their Little Free Library kick-off effort. It’s a fun way to engage your entire team, along with your customers and other partners! We can also help keep your Little Free Library stocked with children’s books donated throughout the year from our other community partners.

Here’s What You Provide

    • $1,000 donation per library
    • Volunteers for assembly
    • Preference for library placement location
    • Gently-used children’s book drive
    • On-going maintenance (optional)

Here’s What We Provide

    • DIY kit for library and instructions
    • Official charter number and recognition plaque
    • Paint for customizing your Little Free Library
    • Staff or volunteer onsite day of building to support and share your community impact
    • Assistance with securing location and permissions in neighborhoods where there is little or no access to books
    • Installation of library
    • Assistance with book acquisition; ongoing maintenance of the library (optional)

Have Questions or Want to Learn More?

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Southwest Human Development uses superior-quality paints generously donated by Dunn-Edwards Paints.

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