Jasmin: ‘Southwest Human Development changed our lives.’


davian-1Jasmin’s son Davian was born early, weighing in at a mere three pounds. Upon arriving home from the hospital with a heart full of unconditional love and a tiny baby boy in her arms, Jasmin was unsure of what lied ahead on the road of parenthood.

Southwest Human Development’s Healthy Families specialists began regularly visiting with Jasmin and Davian. They helped Jasmin learn what to expect as her baby developed and how to create an environment to help Davian be ready to start school in just a few years.

A year later, Jasmin’s family lost their home and she wasn’t sure if she’d have a roof over her head.

“I’m very optimistic, but sometimes it’s just hard,” Jasmin said. “Because of Southwest Human Development, I always had somewhere to turn.”

The support from Southwest Human Development helped Jasmin continue to be a nurturing parent and focus on Davian’s development. Today, thanks to that support, Davian is thriving in kindergarten.

“He’s doing really well at school! He’s always telling me what he’s learned – every day, it’s a different thing,” Jasmin said. “I have high expectations for Davian. I always ask him what he wants to be when he grows up.”

His answer? He wants “to help people.”

A child like Davian’s early experiences matter. Your support helps parents like Jasmin raise happy, healthy and thriving kindergarteners.

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