Former foster child gathers gifts for children in need

High school student ‘adopts’ 10 kids for the holidays

There’s no question that the holidays add magic to selfless acts of kindness; the memories created are forever held close to the hearts of those helped.

1_alexis-croppedAlexis, a 16-year-old high school student and former Kinship Care and Adoption foster child, recalls how receiving gifts one special Christmas brought her joy during a difficult time. She harnessed the powerful emotion she felt as a gift recipient years ago, and set forth this holiday season to give back to the community.

“One Christmas I was given a gift by an anonymous family; it made me so happy,” Alexis said. “And I really want to do that for those other kids out there who may not have a Christmas this year.”

Alexis, determined to help make memories that will last a lifetime for children facing holiday hardships, reached out to Southwest Human Development Volunteer Manager Annette Sutfin. Annette provided names of children in this year’s Gingerbread Kids Campaign, a proactive effort ensuring each and every child receives a gift this season.

With the help of her friends and community, Alexis gathered gifts that would light up the faces of 10 children this holiday season. She handed out flyers at school and church, resulting in a plentiful mound of wrapped gifts and some with personalized cards.

4_giftsBecause of Alexis’s dedication to pay it forward, children who may not have had a Christmas this year will receive the special memory of unwrapping gifts purchased just for them.

Alexis has a simple message for other’s who are considering helping those in need this holiday season: “Do it!” She wants people to know that receiving presents during the holiday season “isn’t all about the gifts, but about feeling like someone put the time and effort into getting you something and show that they love and care for you.”

You can help make a difference! Gifts for children in need this holiday season can be purchased from the Gingerbread Kids Campaign online shopping cart!