2010 Success Stories

Every day, Southwest Human Development’s professional staff members report amazing progress in the lives of the children and families with whom they work. Child by child and family by family, Southwest Human Development is helping our community provide a positive start for its youngest children.

Jack’s Success Story


When single-mother Diane’s newborn daughter, Sarah, was crying inconsolably and having an extremely difficult time sleeping, Diane found herself exhausted and sleep deprived. It wasn’t until Diane called the Fussy Baby Program for support that mother and daughter were able to get some rest…

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Rasing a Reader

Raising A Reader Helps Two Families


Despite the many challenges the two Phoenix families have faced, educating their children and making sure they started off on the right track in life is not something they were willing to comprise. This is made evident by the families’ participation in the Raising A Reader early literacy program where parents receive education about how they can build literacy skills in their young children and prepare them for kindergarten…

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Danielle and Joey’s Story


When she discovered she was pregnant, Danielle knew she had to do something. She had a history of substance abuse, was in a physically abusive relationship, and had exhausted the goodwill of friends and family. Danielle resolved to face her problems head on, and checked into a home for pregnant women with drug problems. From there she was introduced to Healthy Families, a voluntary home visiting program that works to prevent child abuse and neglect. Danielle credits Healthy Families for giving her the tools she needed to be a successful mother to her son, Joey…

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Angela’s Story


Three-year-old Manuel was born prematurely and had feeding problems which required him to stay in the hospital following his birth. Though state services denied the family’s request for assistance for his home care needs, Southwest Human Development’s Healthy Families program helped Rosa and Roberto become strong advocates for their son’s well-being and the well-being of their family as a whole.

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The Wahl Family


Three-year-old Carter Wahl and his mother, Carrie, were referred to Southwest Human Development by their pediatrician. The Children’s Development Center saw an immediate need for the two to participate in the agency’s Side By Side Parent-Child Playgroup for children on the autism spectrum, while working with therapists to help Carter with his developmental needs.

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