Success Stories

Real Lives Touched by Southwest Human Development


Every day, Southwest Human Development's professional staff members report amazing progress in the lives of the children and families with whom they work. Child by child and family by family, Southwest Human Development is helping our community provide a positive start for its youngest children.

kohles-mainshot-forweb.jpg Rick and Vickie Kohles adopted their daughter, Kitty, when she was two years old. Born prematurely at 24 weeks and weighing only 1 lb. 9 oz., Kitty had entered foster care and began living with the Kohles family just before her first birthday. Suffering from underdeveloped lungs and brain trauma due to complications at birth, Kitty had severe eating problems and a variety of developmental delays. Kitty, now eight years old, has made remarkable strides with the help of Southwest Human Development’s Feeding Program and the Children’s Developmental Center.
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martinez-aguirre-mainshot-forweb.jpgIn 2010, then three-year-old twins Arleth and Scarleth were enrolled in Southwest Human Development’s Head Start. Now, at the age of five, the two girls graduated to kindergarten this past fall. The family has been a model for others in the Head Start program through their involvement in extracurricular activities and program events, while also taking full advantage of the many valuable resources offered to families through the program.
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daisy-mainshot-forweb.jpgTwo years ago, Beldon learned she was pregnant. What had been a difficult few years for the family turned to hope and a new beginning – Daisy would be her name. But during her second trimester, they discovered Daisy had several medical conditions and wasn’t expected to survive delivery. Defying the impossible, Daisy – now 15 months old – has benefitted from many of Southwest Human Development’s programs and services, including the ADAPT Shop, that cater to her unique developmental needs.
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manuel-mainshot-forweb.jpgThree-year-old Manuel was born prematurely and had feeding problems which required him to stay in the hospital following his birth. Though state services denied the family’s request for assistance for his home care needs, Southwest Human Development’s Healthy Families program helped Rosa and Roberto become strong advocates for their son’s well-being and the well-being of their family as a whole.
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phoenixday-mainshot-forweb.jpgLori Stinson, a childhood education director with more than 20 years of experience, works with children and their families at Phoenix Day. As a participant in Southwest Human Development’s Emergent Leaders program for child care directors, Lori chose to focus on dual-language learning to help the children at her center learn more effectively. Through this project, Lori has fostered a diverse, culturally-rich environment for the children, families and staff at Phoenix Day.
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Three-year-old Carter Wahl and his mother, Carrie, were referred to Southwest Human Development by their pediatrician. The Children’s Development Center saw an immediate need for the two to participate in the agency’s Side By Side Parent-Child Playgroup for children on the autism spectrum, while working with therapists to help Carter with his developmental needs.
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