Track I | Fall 2023 Session

Reflective Supervision for the Whole Job



The Reflective Supervision for the Whole Job is a holistic, equity, diversity, inclusion, and trauma-informed, long-term learning approach developed by the Reflective Supervision Collaborative. Reflective Supervision is increasingly used and frequently required in programs serving families with infants and young children to encourage critical awareness of self and others, promote high-quality services, and reduce burnout and secondary traumatization of service providers. By reconceptualizing reflective supervision for infant and early childhood programs we have created an approach that focuses on all of the potential roles of a reflective supervisor, leader or change agent and have included approaches to enhance and address programs, institutions, and systems in which the practice is embedded.

The content for the Fall 2023 Track 1 includes a focus on skills needed for the whole job, and all the roles of a reflective supervisor.

The content includes a focus on diversity, equity and inclusion, and the supervisor’s use of critical self-reflection and social location.

Finally, the training infuses structure and materials from the FAN and RIOS, two well-developed models of structuring reflective practice and supervision.


Who should participate in this training intensive?
Individuals who have completed introductory training and have experience providing reflective supervision. This training intensive will expand on those skills and deepen their supervisory practice.


What does RS for the Whole Job training include?

  • Eight virtual Learning Block sessions scheduled for the 3rd Friday of the month from 1pm to 5pm (est)
  • Seven 90-minute small group community of practice sessions
  • Approximately 17 hour of asynchronous learning work including reading, viewing video clips and reflective writing

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