First Connections

Supporting women with an SMI diagnosis prenatally and after the birth of their baby


A child’s earliest relationships and experiences establish a foundation for his or her future success in life. First Connections staff support this foundation by helping moms with their baby’s health, development and building healthy connections.


First Connections has been designed to support new mothers with an SMI diagnoses. Our purpose is to have coordination between adult systems, child systems and various service providers. We are a support program to strengthen the mom, the child and parent-child relationship. The program provides specialized and highly coordinated efforts between the two systems to meet the unique needs of these families.


The First Connections team provides:

    • Support for both the mother and the newborn
    • Connecting families with early childhood programs to ensure the family is receiving the support they need
    • Coordinating care and services the family needs


Who can be a part of First Connections?

    • Women must be enrolled as a Mercy Maricopa Integrated Care Title 19 member
    • Currently pregnant or recently had a baby


Who provides the service?

Once a referral is made, an infant family specialist will work to build a trusting, therapeutic relationship with the mother. Services are designed specifically to meet the unique needs of the mother and baby. Staff can meet with the family at home, attend prenatal check-ups and go to the hospital when the baby is born. Staff are also able to attend well-baby doctor appointments or child care centers.  Infant family specialists are here to provide support!


For more information or to make a referral, please contact Heather Wall at (602) 517-1121 or, or Kathy Walker at (602) 481-8273 or

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