Supervised Visitation

Assuring the safety of children through supervised interaction

Supervised Visitation services are available to assist parties and the Court in assuring the safety of children through supervising interaction between the children and adults. This service provides the supervision of court-ordered parent-child visitation, and/or assists in the reintroduction of a parent into a child’s life.


There are many situations in family law cases, or other cases affecting the parent-child relationship, when the need arises for a neutral third party to supervise visitation between a parent (or another party) and a child or children. Reasons for referral may include (but not be limited to) sexual, physical, medical, or emotional abuse of a child, parent alienation syndrome, domestic violence, kidnapping, drugs and alcohol abuse by a parent, or mental illness of a parent.



Southwest Human Development offers three levels of Supervised Visitation services provided by trained staff who are overseen by experienced managers:


    • Level 1, Observational Supervision: On-site visitation in Southwest Human Development’s Family Nurturing Center conducted by trained staff. This is the most common and affordable means of having supervised visitation.


    • Level 2, Interactive Supervision: Visits in the community, often at a parent’s home or other child friendly location, conducted by degreed and experienced professionals. This type of visitation must be approved by the courts or arranged by agreement of the parties.


    • Level 3, Therapeutic Supervision: On-site visitations in Southwest Human Development’s Family Nurturing Center that combine supervised visitation with active feedback from a mental health professional with an advanced degree and specialized training. Level 3 supervision is not therapy, but uses many of the same techniques to help improve parent–child interactions.


Transportation for the children to and from supervised visitation at Southwest Human Development’s Family Nurturing Center may be available depending on scheduling. There is an additional fee for this service.


For questions or to receive more information about Supervised Visitation services, please contact Drue Kaplan at (602) 570-2340 or

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