Child Abuse Report Investigation Grant

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The Child Abuse Report Investigation Grant (CARING) strives to help children and families by assisting Arizona Department of Child Safety (DCS) with investigation activities and ultimately the elimination of backlog/overdue cases. The program began with a grant from Casey Family Programs.



As part of the DCS Overdue Investigations Reduction Project, CARING assists in reducing the number of overdue investigations, which includes investigations that have been open for 60 days or more with no new report in the most recent 60 days.



Reduction in the volume of overdue investigations has been achieved through a cooperative effort between the Department of Child Safety and Southwest Human Development’s CARING Investigation Team. Overdue cases are reviewed to determine all of the tasks required to complete the investigation. The CARING Investigation Team then completes those tasks and the cases are then returned to DCS for closure. The tasks include conducting interviews and home visits for persons involved in the original report of suspected abuse or neglect.


Continued Efforts

With the substantial reduction in overdue investigations due to maintained efforts of the CARING Investigative Team and DCS, CARING is now expanding its services to assist DCS in the areas of Targeted Permanency Staffing Facilitation and assistance with ongoing cases. CARING will facilitate case staffings for children who have been in state care for longer than 60 days to identify the tasks that need to be completed to move the child(ren) to a permanent placement or reunification with their parents when appropriate. CARING will also provide support to Ongoing DCS Specialists to assist with tasks required to move cases forward more quickly.



The Child Abuse Report Investigation Grant is a state-contracted service provided by Southwest Human Development. All referrals for this service must come directly from the Arizona Department of Child Safety.

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