Phoenix student raises more than $400 to help kids with disabilities

Youth with giving spirits help to make the world a better place, no matter their age. Meet Aly, an incredible 10th-grader with a passion for helping children with disabilities.

Aly chose Southwest Human Development for her school’s passion project assignment after learning about the agency’s programs and services through her participation in Walk With Me. Each student was required to choose a topic that they were passionate about, and a goal to accomplish by the end of the semester. Aly knew immediately that she wanted to focus her project on helping children with disabilities.

“The project speaks to my heart because I have an aunt with Down syndrome,” says Aly. “I also have had many special experiences helping kids with disabilities through Special Olympics.”

Aly says that the toughest aspect of the project was spreading the word and helping people to become engaged. To combat her challenges, she took a proactive approach to fundraising. She created flyers, used online media as a fundraising tool, and spoke with potential donors in person.

With hard work and determination, Aly more than doubled her initial goal of $150, raising a total of more than $425. Her hope is that her fundraising will have a lasting impact in the lives of children with disabilities, helping them to have a bright future

“People with disabilities are wonderful to be around and I want them to be able to have an amazing life,” said Aly.

Aly’s devotion to the community continues beyond the scope of school assignments. She is a Christian Service Award recipient, involved in a Catholic Academy for Life Leadership Program and has volunteered at Helping Other People Emerge and abroad in Agua Prieta, Mexico.

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