Our most read blog posts of 2019

Celebrate tradition and cultural awareness with young children

Cultural awareness and tradition play important roles in helping young children develop a positive sense of identity and build self-esteem. Studies show that cultural appreciation and awareness contribute to building a positive self image. Developing a strong foundation of belonging and acceptance through cultural celebration and education helps children to create… [Read more]

How to teach your child to protect the environment this Earth Day

When children learn to appreciate the world from a young age, they are more likely to help protect our land for future generations to come. Generating a passion for the protecting planet early on makes a big difference in influencing children’s future environmentally friendly habits. Parents can take a number of steps to help their children to learn about the world and caring for our environment. [Read more]

Advantages of raising children to be bilingual, multilingual

An increasing number of children raised in Arizona’s melting pot of culture and diversity grow up in dual-language households. In recent years, the Center for Immigration Studies reports that nearly 30 percent of Arizona children and teens speak a language other than English at home. Many children navigate language fluidity as they communicate with individuals in and out of their home. [Read more]

Southwest Human Development welcomes two new executives to its leadership team

Southwest Human Development, Arizona’s largest nonprofit dedicated to early childhood development, has hired Jeanette Ramos as the agency’s new chief financial officer and Kecia Blackson, JD, MS, as its vice president of Family Support Services. [Read more]

Preschool expulsion: The promise of preschool and how Arizona children are missing out

The promise of high-quality preschool goes well beyond learning colors, letters, numbers and how to cut with scissors. It represents a protected release—often the first release—for young children into the world outside the nuclear family, a gentle entry into more possibilities. [Read more]