Supporting Children in the Classroom


Behavior: What We Need to Understand

Through participation in this training, participants will increase their understanding about the behavior of children. They will gain skills in the observation of behaviors. Participants will also develop a deeper appreciation of the adult’s role in a child’s behavior.


Building Self-Esteem in Young Children

Misbehavior in children is oftentimes attributed to feelings of worthlessness and anger based on low self-esteem. Strategies for enhancing self-esteem in children and staff will be addressed. Participants will learn about characteristics in children that show high and low self-esteem. Trainers will also spotlight interactions from caregivers that build self-esteem in children.


Developmentally Appropriate Guidance

Positive discipline only occurs in classrooms that have prepared for potential problems. In this workshop, participants will discuss how to prevent most behavior problems from occurring in the first place and how to positively handle the challenges that do arise. Participants will also explore their values relating to discipline, punishment and guidance.


From Understanding to Action: A Framework for Behavior Management

By participation in this workshop, individuals will gain understanding of and skills in behavior management. They will be offered ideas on how to avoid or prevent challenging situations before they happen.


Helping Children Manage Their Anger and Aggression

This workshop will focus on the aggressive behaviors children exhibit in the classroom, the possible reasons behind these behaviors, and safe ways children can express their feelings. Trainers will indicate ways to reduce stress in the classroom, therefore prevent anger problems.


Positive Discipline

Anyone that serves as a primary care giver for a young child needs understanding, methods and techniques for managing behavior. By participating in this work shop the participant will deepen their understanding of Positive Discipline. They will gain insight and effectiveness in managing children’s behaviors by examining some of the most effective positive discipline methods which include: guidelines for effective discipline, the use of “I” messages, the one minute reprimand, the one minute praise, and the use of logical consequences.



Socialization and Guidance for Infants and Toddlers

This workshop covers key addresses principles in socialization and guidance and examines appropriate ways to set limits for infants and toddlers to guide the development of their social skills.


Working with Children in Group Settings

This workshop offers an introduction to the special issues of caring for infants and young children in small groups. This type of care is different from the care of one infant, and from the group care of older, school age children.


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