Staff Development


Building Staff Relationships through Teaming

This interactive workshop offers the opportunity for early child care professionals to examine how they work together and relate to one another, listen and communicate, and collaborate in their program.


Keys to Professionalism in Early Childhood Education

This workshop will examine what it means to be an early care and education professional. Participants will discuss key skills, national standards, and codes of ethics that support the work they do with children and families.


Stress Busters: Recognizing and Relieving Stress

Working in the field of child care often creates stressful situations for staff. If these day to day stressors are not address, staff can become burnt out with their jobs. This fun and interactive workshop explores signs of stress and factors that contribute to feeling of stress. Participants will learn strategies that will build coping skills in order to alleviate stress.


Time Management

This workshop will explore the challenges faced by child care staff in balancing activities across the classroom day and at the same time managing their own personal and family needs. Strategies and techniques will be offered to enhance time management skills and support staff in maintaining a more balanced feeling in their lives.


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