Language and Literacy


Creating Meaningful Environments for Language and Literacy Development

Thoughtful designs and well utilized physical environments can set the stage for nurturing to blossom. Participants will be introduced to developmentally appropriate room arrangement.


Creating Opportunities for Language Expression

During this workshop, participants will learn how they can plan and facilitate classroom routines or play activities, extend social interactions, or structure the environment to promote interactive language experiences for young children. Participants will also be taught how to build upon naturally occurring activities by incorporating reading and writing in meaningful ways, creating the opportunity for children to feel successful in linking their early language skills to literacy.


Libraries, Book Nooks, and Book Corners

This workshop will help early care and education staff understand how an appropriately designed library and/or reading area can support the curriculum and enhance literacy skills in young children. Staff will be able to choose developmentally appropriate books for young children and create enticing literacy environments.


Sharing Books with Children

Children should have shared reading and story-telling experiences each and every day. Child care providers must not only read out loud to and share stories with children, but also develop book reading and story-telling strategies that actively engage the children. These experiences can support curriculum themes and integrate specific learning objectives that support development. This workshop will introduce providers to a variety of strategies for sharing books with and telling stories to children.


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