Family Relationships


Building Relationships with Families I

Workshop I in Building Relationships with Families addresses several strategies on how to enhance working partnerships with families. The essential aspects of “good customer service” and building relationships with families will be discussed. Participants will examine the value of developing positive working relationships with families, learn how to communicate positively with families, explore how to establish necessary professional boundaries. Strategies for informing parents about the difficult behavior of their children will be addressed through role-play and discussion.


Building Relationships with Families II

Workshop II offers participants the opportunity to examine their current practices around the ongoing assessment of growth and development of the children in their program. Participants will examine how this information is used within their program and more importantly, how it is shared with families. During this workshop, participants will be offered guidelines on how to create regular opportunities for parents to learn about their children’s progress and partner with them in creating curriculum experiences that will meet their individualized needs.


Creating Culturally-Responsive Classrooms

A culturally-responsive child care or early childhood classroom acknowledges the presence of culturally-diverse children and the need for these children to find relevant connections among themselves and with the activities they engage in throughout the day. This workshop will offer participants the opportunity to: explore the factors that contribute to one’s culture; identify key elements to culturally responsive child care; and learn strategies for being responsive to the diverse learning and care needs of the children they serve.


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