Basic Classroom Design for Play and Learning

In this workshop, participants will explore the value of design classroom environments to reflect the varying needs of children of differing ages. Participants will discuss the value of creating activity areas and “opportunities for possibilities” to encourage children to play, explore, and learn. During the workshop, participants will learn strategies to address design challenges. In addition, participants will examine their own classrooms to determine how they can enhance their use of space and materials.


Designing the Physical Environment for Optimal Learning

Physical environments set the stage for (a) the development of nurturing adult-child relationships in the child care; (b) stimulating the curiosity of the young child to explore concepts; and (c) enabling the teacher to prevent behavior problems from disrupting the quality of experiences he/she intends to provide. Additionally, the physical environment is often the basis of parents’ decisions in sending children to a child care. With simple guiding principles, this training helps child care providers to improve the aesthetic and educational quality of their center.


To schedule a training, please contact Gina Ross at (602) 845-4228 or GRoss@swhd.org

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