Curriculum, Assessment and Program Topics


Beyond the Bell: Bridging Between the Classroom and School-Age Child Care

This hands-on workshop was designed to meet the unique needs of school-age care providers. Children between the ages of five and twelve spend a good part of the day engaged in highly structured educational activities. Activity ideas and classroom management strategies will be discussed to extend these experiences in a more child-directed and less structured fashion, while still maintaining control of the classroom. In addition, this workshop can be expanded towards activity and field trip ideas for surviving the summer months and school holidays.


The Daily Program: Schedules and Routines

This workshop spotlights the two major components of a daily program. Using a hands-on approach, participants will explore their own daily schedules and activities and identify new strategies to support a workable daily program.


The Daily Program: Transitions

This workshop focuses on the transitions, often a challenging part of the daily program. In this workshop, participants will explore transitions activities and identify new strategies to support a workable daily program.


The Importance of Play in Young Children’s Development: Exploring Art, Blocks, Pretend and Outdoor Play

A child’s brain development is promoted through the many types of play. This workshop will focus on how to arrange the environment and plan for play as well as engage in some hands-on activities. This workshop can be tailored to spotlight a specific area of play.


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