New Video from Apple Shows the Importance of Assistive Technology

Check out this video created by Apple to celebrate Autism Acceptance Month!

“Autism Acceptance Month is dedicated to the stories of people like Dillan. His words remind us how important it is to ensure everyone with a voice can be heard.”


Assistive Technology at Southwest Human Development

Assistive Technology (AT) helps people with disabilities achieve success and inclusion in family, school, and community activities. AT provides technological solutions and support to enable people with disabilities to communicate, play, read, use the computer, achieve mobility, improve learning, and interact successfully with others.

In some cases, simple low-tech adaptations or adaptive equipment can make all the difference in the world, like fabricating a custom foam seating support for a toddler so that she can sit up and use her hands to play with toys. In other cases, sophisticated communication systems allow a child to speak for himself.

The Assistive Technology program at Southwest Human Development is well-respected locally and nationally. Our team of specialists includes speech-language pathologists, occupational therapists, and physical therapists. Technology is fast-paced and constantly evolving and our assistive technology specialists are passionate about being on the cutting-edge of this rapidly changing field seeking innovative solutions for clients so that they can leverage these tools to their advantage.


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