MAKERS of Change Challenge

The MAKERS of Change Assistive Technology Challenge engages Valley high school science, technology, engineering and math (STEM), coding, robotics and technology teams to troubleshoot and create “real-world” solutions that will help improve the lives of young children with disabilities.


Now embarking on it’s 7th year, the MAKERS of Change Challenge invites high school students from throughout the state to join our 2024 Challenge. The Challenge begins August 19 and teams have until September 20 to create and submit a poster and video outlining their solutions. Volunteer judges from throughout the community will review submissions and recommend up to nine teams that will advance to an in-person Finalist Presentation on October 18.


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The 2023 Challenge

The 2023 Challenge invited student teams to develop an engaging device, accessory, or tool for young children with Cortical Visual Impairment (CVI) that will encourage visual attention, build motor skills and support making choices that allows the child to experience cause and effect relationships.


The 2023 Challenge was designed in partnership with providers from both the SWHD ADAPT Shop and Foundation for Blind Children (FBC), who have been collaborating to meet both the occupational and vision therapy needs of children in Maricopa County.


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Congratulations to our 2023 winning teams from Bioscience High School, Ironwood High School and the Chandan Shamala Library. Click on each of the images below to see the solutions proposed by each group.


Level 1 Winner – Ironwood Innovators

Level 2 Winner – Brain Train

Level 3 Winner – Low Expectations

Best in Show Winner – Bubble Guppies


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