How to thank teachers during Teacher Appreciation Week

High-quality educators make an incredible difference in the lives of children by providing knowledge, support, inspiration and so much more to the young minds who enter their classroom each day. Not only do teachers elevate children’s minds to reach their best potential, but they also ensure a foundation of knowledge for generations to come.

Chalk board and booksWith Teacher Appreciation Week extending Monday, May 7, through Friday, May 11, and Teachers’ Day on Tuesday, May 8, many parents, caregivers and children are going above and beyond to honor teachers while recognizing their ongoing support of students and contributions to education and society.

There are many ways you can make your favorite teachers feel special and appreciated.

Say “thank you”

Two little words can make a big difference to your children’s teachers. Saying thank you doesn’t cost a penny, and only takes a moment of time. While saying “thank you” is the most basic form of appreciation, they can have a lasting positive impact.

Be genuine and share your appreciation verbally with your children’s teachers. If there is an example that you feel appreciative of as a parent or caregiver, mention it in conversation.

Write a thank-you card

Handwritten thank-you cards allow children to express sincerity and can really brighten a teacher’s day. Talk with your child about how their teacher’s work is important and how teachers work hard to ensure children’s success in life.

Not only is writing thank-you notes an excellent habit to learn at a young age, but it can also help build early literacy skills. After writing a note, you can ask your child if they would also like to add their own personal artwork inside as well. Teaching children to be thankful begins with small gestures that make a big difference and your child’s educators will appreciate the effort.

Make a gift basket

A gift basket is a common form of appreciation and can be a fun activity for you and your child to create at home. While teachers may love coffee shop gift cards, flowers, movie tickets and other popular gifts, not all gift basket items need to be store bought. You and your child can use creativity to make gift basket additions like special drawings, notes, thank you cards, crafts and more.

Many websites offer simple, DIY teacher appreciation crafts to help inspire ideas and get the ball rolling. No matter what you choose to put in a gift basket, large or small, your children’s teachers will be grateful.

Go the extra mile

Sometimes teachers appreciate simply having a helping hand. Whether you offer to donate school supplies or take on a parent volunteer shift, your assistance can make a huge difference.

Taking an extra step to help your educator can also begin at home. Make sure you take the time to read with your child, assist with homework and practice listening skills. A student who practices skills at home with their parents is often more likely to be well-behaved and succeed in the classroom.