Celebrating Mother’s Day at home together

If you’re spending Mother’s Day at home, there are lots of ways to show Mom just how much you appreciate her!

Mother’s Day is a celebration for Mom, but it’s also a chance to have fun with our children and show them the importance of expressing gratitude. Doing something unique and meaningful together is a great way to create Mother’s Day memories. Here are some of our ideas for making Mother’s Day special at home, together as a family:

Craft something unique

Whether it’s a collage, finger painting or a heartfelt card, a homemade craft shows that you’ve put the time and effort into making something special for Mom. This is a great opportunity to spend some quality time with the kids as they explore their creative side. Ask them what they want to make, what colors they want to use or how they want to surprise Mom with their creation.

Cook a meal at home

Show Mom that she’s special by making her an extra special meal at home. Make her a French toast breakfast-in-bed or try a fancy new recipe for lunch. Young children shouldn’t be handling hot pans, but they can still chip in by picking out a recipe, helping to mix simple ingredients together, and most importantly, helping to clean up at the end!

Have a backyard picnic

If cooking isn’t in your skillset, leave it to the professionals. Order take-out from her favorite restaurant and treat her to a picnic in the backyard. Get the kids involved by asking them to get utensils, blankets or games ready. They can also help with making sandwiches, pulling out side dishes from the refrigerator and making her a nice card to read on the blanket.

Give her an at-home spa experience

Spas might be closed, but that doesn’t mean Mom doesn’t want a little pampering. Recreate the spa experience at home by giving her a massage or a pedicure, playing calming music and treating her to a DIY face mask. Kids can help by preparing ingredients and supplies (and maybe taking their game of tag outside).

Take a trip to the “movie theater

Create the full cinema experience at home with popcorn, candy and Mom’s favorite movie. Kids can play pretend as movie theater cashiers, selling snacks, drinks and taking homemade tickets! Click here for more ideas.

Try something new

Play a new game, try out a new hobby, do a virtual dance lesson on YouTube—use today to do something out of the ordinary! Having a new experience together is a sure bet for a memorable Mother’s Day.

Give Mom some alone time

If your family has been cooped up in the house for a while, Mom has probably put in a lot of energy balancing parenting, working and just keeping the household together. Mother’s Day is a great opportunity to give Mom a break and let her relax. Make sure she gets as much “me time” as she needs.

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