Care2Act encourages companies to forge community connections

Networking group provides for-profit companies with the
tools, connections and support needed to increase community engagement

One need not work for a nonprofit to make a notable impact in the surrounding community. That’s the sentiment behind a new initiative aimed at helping professionals at for-profit companies give back to the greater good.

Care2Act, created by Southwest Human Development, seeks to grant workers at for-profit companies the same opportunities that are often available to nonprofit workers with regard to community engagement, charitable endeavors and similar efforts that benefit the people of Arizona. The program provides networking and training opportunities for community-minded professionals, giving them guidance and the support they need to influence colleagues, shift cultures, create necessary change and turn caring into action.

“Opportunities like this are not uncommon when you work in the nonprofit sector, but what Care2Act does is encourage those who work outside of it to make more of an impact within their communities,” said Southwest Human Development Corporate Relations Manager David Reno. “What we do is facilitate the process of helping companies identify their communities’ most pressing needs so they can address them accordingly.”

In addition to helping Arizona employers take steps to build stronger, more philanthropic workforces, Care2Act seeks to boost volunteerism, enhance employee community engagement and encourage local business culture to invest time and energy into efforts they feel passionate about.

Care2Act hosts a series of training and networking events throughout the year aimed at accomplishing these and related objectives. The next webinar event, “Care2Act: How Tuft & Needle Revitalized Its Giving,” will be on Thursday, May 16, from 11:30 a.m. – 12:30 p.m.

“Ultimately, Care2Act is about aligning you and your business’s interests with the needs of the surrounding community and rallying the internal support necessary to make a positive difference,” added Reno. “If just one person can make a difference, imagine what can happen when we all share the same objective?”

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