Early Childhood Business Management

A program of the Professional Development Institute at Educare Arizona

Program Description

The Early Childhood Business Management Program is a professional development program utilizing training and coaching for early childhood professionals in best business management practices with the focus to ensure Arizona children are nurtured and educated in programs that are financially sustainable.

Four Pillars of Business Management

The four pillars of the Early Childhood Business Management Program are proficiency in automation, the Iron Triangle, individualized business management coaching, and industry recommended policies and procedures.

Individual Coaching
Individual Coaching
Budgeting, Financial Reports, Recordkeeping, Staff Management, Marketing, Continuity of Business Planning
Iron Triangle
Iron Triangle
Full Enrollment, Full Fee Collection, Cost Per Child
Child Care Management System
Vetted Policies and Procedures
Vetted Policies and Procedures

Business Management Services


Beginner Tier

  • New provider licensing training and assistance from an assigned mentor
  • AZToolkit Subscription
  • ECBMP Network access for basic business resources and peer networking
  • ECBMP Listserv (professional development and funding opportunities)
  • ECBMP Virtual Newsletter


Intermediate Tier

  • All the benefits of the Beginner Tier, plus:
  • Individualized business coaching with assigned Business Management Specialist
  • Training of Child Care Management Software and automation
  • Integrated Leadership and Business Training Series
  • Participation in roundtable discussions for both family child care and center based providers


Advanced Tier

  • All the benefits of the Beginner and Intermediate Tiers, plus:
  • Advanced business coaching and training.
  • Shared Services Network Hub

For more information

Email:  ECBMP@swhd.org
ECBMP Support Line: (602) 265-4768
Hours of operation: 8:00am-4:30pm Monday-Friday

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