2017 New Year’s Resolution: #ThinkBabies

In 2017, we challenge you to go above and beyond to #ThinkBabies! Together, we will strengthen the foundation of our nation and collectively urge congress to better the future of our little ones.

ZERO TO THREE, a premier early childhood organization and partner of Southwest Human Development dedicated to helping infants and toddlers reach their full potential, created Think Babies to help you give babies a voice. Supported by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, the campaign aims to make every baby our national priority.

thinkbabies“The Think Babies campaign was designed to promote enriching early experiences and a strong foundation for development from the start,” according to ThinkBabies.org. “When we Think Babies, we build a better future for us all.”

Childhood advocates around the nation are encouraged to tell congress why they need to Think Babies. Supporters are urged to visit thinkbabies.org and use the “thought generator” tool to create a simple thought bubble graphic to express their ideas, hopes and dreams for babies on Facebook and Twitter to increase awareness. Users can also select their congress representatives by simply entering a ZIP code.

The goal of the campaign is not to influence politics or any specific legislation, but to encourage public officials to Think Babies as they continue to impact our community.

ZERO TO THREE provides educational tools on its ZERO TO THREE Policy Network to streamline complex information into an easy-to-understand format. Thriving babies and children result from supporters like you who join and proactively impact Federal Policy and State and Local Policy and Advocacy efforts.

The sphere of public policy is continuously changing, which is why ZERO TO THREE archives all of the resources and services you need to learn how early connections last a lifetime.

Are you ready to tell congress why it’s important to #ThinkBabies this 2017?

Join the campaign at ThinkBabies.org today!