Program Descriptions

Training Options for Professional Growth


Infant/Family Studies Certificate (One Year Program)

This one-year program is designed for professionals whose work directly or indirectly impacts infants and toddlers. Coursework, observation and consultation prepare participants to implement the principles of infant social and emotional development in their everyday work. Topic areas and techniques include:

  • Influence of early development and relationships on mental health
  • Employing a multidisciplinary child and family team approach to services

Infant/Family Clinical Practice Certificate (Two Year Program)
Designed for mental health clinicians and advanced graduate students, this two-year program builds on the Infant/Family Studies Certificate coursework, adding a mental health clinical practice emphasis. Topics include:

  • Infant mental health theory and professional practice issues
  • Assessment and diagnosis using the DC 0-3 diagnostic system for infants and toddlers
  • Evidence-based interventions
  • Direct practice with reflective consultation

Seminars and Short Courses
Individualized seminars and courses for organizations provide information needed to ensure healthy social-emotional development in young children, including identifying early warning signs and making appropriate referrals.

Consultation and technical assistance are available to individuals and organizations locally and nationally.


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